Jun 3

Coverage: FanimeCon 2010, Location Filed under: cosplay event — 3:44 am


San Jose, CA — The weather in San Jose seemed to clear up Friday, just in time for day one of Fanime 2010. The crowds filled the convention center in the early morning, creating large lines for registration and badge pick up as the streets were brightly packed with Cosplayers.

One of the greatest aspects of Fanime is its location. The sunny city of San Jose, and specifically its downtown area, creates a great atmosphere for the geek culture that thrives at this anime convention. With a bevy of great local restaurants that offer inexpensive and delicious food to a nearby movie theater and ample amounts of parking, you couldn’t ask for more in a convention setting. Well, there is one more thing you could ask for, and it’s the most important part! Downtown San Jose has bountiful amounts of amazing locations for Cosplay photo shoots. From the beautiful architecture around the convention center to the lovely park across the street, you’ll find Cosplayers and photographers abound, making beautiful art that will soon grace the internet, magazines, and this very website. (more…)

~ Con Yearbook

May 22

Coverage: Otaku•Rehab 2010 Filed under: stuff — 2:58 am

A day in Rehab was just what the doctor ordered! Because Otaku•Rehab was held a ways out in Thousand Oaks, the crowd was smaller, but the gathering was much more intimate. Co-Event Coordinators, Bert Le and Nick Kurachi, put on a more homey, summer camp-tinged gathering. The day was filled with events I haven’t seen at any gathering in recent memory. The handful of events were spaced casually throughout the afternoon, leaving plenty of time to socialize with friends, chow down on gourmet cooking and explore all that Borchard Park had to offer.


~ Con Yearbook

May 12

Coverage: SoCal Cosplay Gathering 2010 Filed under: stuff — 5:09 am


Fullerton, CA — It was a perfect spring day outside, complete with blue skies, comfortable temperatures, and a gentle breeze that smelled of all things fresh and naturey. So not only was it a perfect day to be out, but a perfect day to attend the 2010 SoCal Cosplay Gathering! Craig Regional Park in Fullerton was the destination to be for over 500 Cosplayers, photographers, and those who just wanted to have a bit of fun. The park was insanely crowded, with parking virtually non-existent, but there was color and laughter to be found everywhere.


~ Con Yearbook

May 4

ASB has now joined forces with Con Yearbook Filed under: stuff — 12:48 pm

Yes, its true.  I’m now part of the terrorist organization staff which is Con Yearbook.  They have an amazing group of cosplay photographers, writers and overall good people working hard to bring coverage of cal cons as the year rolls out.  I hope my contribution will help make a great con yearbook by the year 2011.

~ Asian School Boy

Jul 30

2009 Comic Con Panel Footage!!! Filed under: sdcc — Tags: , , , — 5:00 pm

So about 13hrs of footage was shot for all 3 days of Hall H coverage.  Comic con has shown some pretty mind blowing film footage this year.  The biggest surprise was kick-ass, but unfortunately I tried to go to a district 9 screening thus missing out on the biggest surprise panel of this year.  Some key moments of H hall this year has to be the emotional moments of “Where the Wild Things Are,” the star filled cast of “Iron Man 2,” and oddly some random fan jumping onto the stage of James Cameron/Peter Jacksons Directors Panel.  All and all its been a very eventful comic con, h0ope everyone likes it.  And again, no replicating the footage and/or putting it on youtube.


~ Asian School Boy

Jul 28

New Moon Comic Con Panel Up!!! Filed under: sdcc — Tags: , , , , , , , , — 9:36 am

The Twilight Saga: New Moon panel was just uploaded.  Go check it out!

Just to let you guys know, I do not want this or any of my videos to be replicated and/or to be put on youtube.  I saw it done last year and ask you to not do so.  Your more than welcome to link people to the site and I’ll try to have a low res version up by tomorrow.


~ Asian School Boy

Jun 22

Anime Expo 2009 Anounces AX After Dark and 24 Hour Shuttle Schedules Filed under: cosplay event — 1:33 pm


Nation’s Largest Anime and Manga Convention Brings New Programming to the
Westin Bonaventure Hotel

Anaheim, California (June 10, 2009) ‹ Anime Expo® 2009 is proud to announce
its latest programming additions the AX AFTER DARK program that will be
hosted at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and the 24 Hour Shuttle Service
Program that will also be held during the nations largest anime and manga
convention held July 2-5, 2009 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. More
information can be found on the website www.anime-expo.org
<http://www.anime-expo.org> .


~ Asian School Boy

May 4

Fanime on the Horizon Filed under: cosplay event — Tags: , , — 11:23 pm


You have about 2 weeks and 3 days in order to get yourself ready for one of the funnest cons of the year.  I mean it, this con as never disappointed and I doubt that this year will be the year to do so.

I am available for photoshoots but it’ll be limited to my schedule and discretion.  My new email is asianschoolboy@asianschoolboy.com

See you guys at fanime and if anyone wants to do some swing/blues dancing at the black and white, save me a dance : )

~ Asian School Boy

May 4

SoCal Gathering 2009 in 4 days!!! Filed under: cosplay event — Tags: , , — 10:50 pm


Heres the info on SoCal 2009

Entry will be $10 at the door.
Saturday, May 9th 2009
Mason Regional Park, Site #6
(click to see map) Irvine, CA
11 AM-6 PM

I’ll be doing photoshoots during the day so don’t be surprised if I take you away from your bbq ribs in order to get a shot of your cosplay : P

~ Asian School Boy

Aug 20

Site Update~! Filed under: stuff — 12:22 am

In the past month we’ve had 1.4 Tb worth of traffic- mostly due to the Twilight and Rain videos from Comic-Con.

We have finished editing the AX 2008 pictures and they can all be found here.

There is also a donation button up now so if you appreciate the pictures and videos that have been posted, go ahead and donate!

~ Asian School Boy

Aug 3

SDCC videos and AX photos! Filed under: stuff — 2:39 pm

Hi guys! Hope your August started out great. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have all of the Comic-Con videos up, as well as the pictures from Day 2 of Anime Expo. Photoshoots of Moyashimon and Peter Pan have been upload as well.

~ Asian School Boy

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