Jul 30

2009 Comic Con Panel Footage!!! Filed under: sdcc — Tags: , , , — 5:00 pm

So about 13hrs of footage was shot for all 3 days of Hall H coverage.  Comic con has shown some pretty mind blowing film footage this year.  The biggest surprise was kick-ass, but unfortunately I tried to go to a district 9 screening thus missing out on the biggest surprise panel of this year.  Some key moments of H hall this year has to be the emotional moments of “Where the Wild Things Are,” the star filled cast of “Iron Man 2,” and oddly some random fan jumping onto the stage of James Cameron/Peter Jacksons Directors Panel.  All and all its been a very eventful comic con, h0ope everyone likes it.  And again, no replicating the footage and/or putting it on youtube.


~ Asian School Boy

Jul 28

New Moon Comic Con Panel Up!!! Filed under: sdcc — Tags: , , , , , , , , — 9:36 am

The Twilight Saga: New Moon panel was just uploaded.  Go check it out!

Just to let you guys know, I do not want this or any of my videos to be replicated and/or to be put on youtube.  I saw it done last year and ask you to not do so.  Your more than welcome to link people to the site and I’ll try to have a low res version up by tomorrow.


~ Asian School Boy

Jul 28

San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Filed under: sdcc — 12:29 am

Comic-Con 2008 is officially over, but we aren’t rid of it yet. Asian School Boy.com will be uploading many hours worth of video from different panels at this years convention including: Twilight, 20th Century Fox, Pushing Daisies and Heroes. To see the videos for this years panels, go to our 2008 Comic-Con Panels video section. (more…)

~ Asian School Boy

Jul 25

Dr. Horrible Filed under: sdcc — 1:49 pm

Just got out of the Joss Whedon panel and quite a few things were announced:

1. A DVD competition to have “Evil League of Evil” applications put on the DVD
2. A CD

    It was easily the funniest panel yet, with the best Q & A questions I’ve heard all con.

    Now onto the Spirit! More info about that later.

    ~ Asian School Boy