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San Jose, CA — The weather in San Jose seemed to clear up Friday, just in time for day one of Fanime 2010. The crowds filled the convention center in the early morning, creating large lines for registration and badge pick up as the streets were brightly packed with Cosplayers.

One of the greatest aspects of Fanime is its location. The sunny city of San Jose, and specifically its downtown area, creates a great atmosphere for the geek culture that thrives at this anime convention. With a bevy of great local restaurants that offer inexpensive and delicious food to a nearby movie theater and ample amounts of parking, you couldn’t ask for more in a convention setting. Well, there is one more thing you could ask for, and it’s the most important part! Downtown San Jose has bountiful amounts of amazing locations for Cosplay photo shoots. From the beautiful architecture around the convention center to the lovely park across the street, you’ll find Cosplayers and photographers abound, making beautiful art that will soon grace the internet, magazines, and this very website.

As Friday started into full swing people could be found just about all over a several block radius from the convention center in Cosplay, taking over downtown San Jose. With conversations being held on topics from the newest chapter of Naruto to the recent memes of 4chan, you could tell Fanime was here. The video game room was filled with consoles and gamers alike, keeping an upbeat atmosphere in the large room they were located in. The dealer’s hall saw incredible amounts of transactions almost immediately upon opening, with costumes, wigs, and action figures that aren’t found in your average anime shop flying off the shelves. Even the artist alley, which is in a room equal in size to the dealer’s hall, was a lively place to shop and converse about your favorite anime characters. However, if you were to spend your time in just one place, hoping to see it all, then you’d want the grand lobby and entrance to the San Jose Convention Center. With its lovely outdoor fountain and the Stage Zero big screen just inside, there was no end to the entertainment. All the great Cosplayers took their time to pass through this area, showing up for gatherings and discussing techniques with their like minded con-goers. Of course, if people watching and costume admiring aren’t your thing, Stage-Zero kept rolling out hilarious and upbeat MCs to entertain all within ear-shot. In just under 100 square yards there was enough to amuse anyone for the entire length of the convention. Of course, there was obviously still much more going on throughout the hotels, streets, and convention center of Fanime 2010.

~ Con Yearbook

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