Jul 31

SDCC Thursday Videos Filed under: stuff — 8:11 am

The videos Andy took of the Thursday panels at SDCC are going to be uploaded today! Keep an eye out! We’ll have videos for the other days uploaded soon.

~ Asian School Boy

Jul 31

Twilighters Unite! Filed under: stuff — 8:05 am

Our Twilight Panel video is up! See it here!

~ Asian School Boy

Jul 28

San Diego Comic-Con 2008 Filed under: sdcc — 12:29 am

Comic-Con 2008 is officially over, but we aren’t rid of it yet. Asian School Boy.com will be uploading many hours worth of video from different panels at this years convention including: Twilight, 20th Century Fox, Pushing Daisies and Heroes. To see the videos for this years panels, go to our 2008 Comic-Con Panels video section. (more…)

~ Asian School Boy

Jul 25

Dr. Horrible Filed under: sdcc — 1:49 pm

Just got out of the Joss Whedon panel and quite a few things were announced:

1. A DVD competition to have “Evil League of Evil” applications put on the DVD
2. A CD

    It was easily the funniest panel yet, with the best Q & A questions I’ve heard all con.

    Now onto the Spirit! More info about that later.

    ~ Asian School Boy

    Jul 25

    Comic-Con! 7/25 part one Filed under: stuff — 11:44 am

    Hey! Updating from Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic-Con! Andy and I are having a great but busy time. Right now we’re watching the Stargate Atlantis panel and they’ve shown a clip reel of the fifth season that looks pretty exciting. Lots of enthusiastic fans.


    ~ Asian School Boy

    Jul 10

    Comic-Con Programming! Filed under: stuff — 6:39 pm

    The programming schedule for Thursday at Comic-Con has been released! You can find it here.

    Highlights include the Red Sonja panel, 20th Century Fox, Summit Entertainment, Dexter, the first look at Repo! The Genetic Opera and the Annual Super Hero Kung-Fu Extravaganza. Hope to see you there!

    ~ Asian School Boy

    Jun 28

    Bandai Announces Schedule for AX Filed under: stuff — 1:03 pm

    Bandai’s posted their schedule for Anime Expo and it looks pretty exciting. They’ll be announcing the english voice cast of Gurren Lagann and there will also be quite a few panels and signings. You can see more details here.

    It’s starting to get pretty exciting with AX less than a week away. Make sure you have your costumes done and ready to wear! The Anime Expo website has some videos on where to eat which I think will be of interest to every one attending. They can be found on the main page.

    Hope everyone doesn’t get too stressed out while getting ready! See you soon!

    ~ Asian School Boy

    Jun 21

    Comic-Con Speculations Filed under: stuff — Tags: , , — 8:26 pm

    With Comic-Con coming up in about a month, a lot of people are getting anxious about what we’re going to be seeing. It is pretty much garunteed that there will be major panels on Star Trek, GI Joe, The Spirit, Star Wars: Clone Wars 2. It’s also rumored that there will be a screening of Fanboys, a film about Star Wars fans who journey to Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. A rough cut was shown at Celebration IV last year, so the final version will probably be shown at Comic-Con.

    Another speculative schedule has shown up, but this time for TV show panels. There seems to be a few scheduling issues on the list, such as major shows like the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes panels being scheduled at the same time which is sure to disspoint quite a few fans. The rumored list can be seen here at G4.

    Please note, these are all speculations and there will be an update when Comic-Con International posts their programming schedule. There will be a link posted here as soon as it’s out.

    ~ Asian School Boy

    Jun 6

    Comic-Con and Anime Expo News Filed under: stuff — 4:06 pm

    If you haven’t gotten your Comic-Con 4-Day badges yet it seems like you may be out of luck as they sold out a few days ago. You can still buy badges for the individual days though. More information on Comic-Con registration can be found here.
    Some exciting things are happening again on the Anime Expo front! It’s been announced that American Cosplay Paradise will be hosting Lucky Star and Gurren Lagann cosplay events at the Bandai booth. The participating cosplayers will be giving out promotional goods as well as taking pictures. More information can be found here at the Anime News Network.

    ~ Asian School Boy

    Jun 3

    Anime Expo Announcements Filed under: stuff — 4:06 pm

    Just to throw it out there; the Batman event at AX is Gotham Knight, not Dark Knight. It’s going to be like what the Animatrix was for the Matrix. You can find more informaiton here.
    Another schedule attendee I’m excited about is Toshihiko Seki. He’s been the voice of: Sanzo from Saiyuki, Mouuse of Ranma 1/2, and Duo of Gundam Wing, among many others. (For a full list click here.) I’ll update again soon about the other guests-of-honor at AX this year.

    ~ Asian School Boy

    May 18

    Royal/T Keeps to Itself Filed under: stuff — 4:07 pm

    When anime fans think of the Japanese anime mecca Akihabara, they’ll think of things like 4 story arcades, anime superstores, and maid cafes. The idea of a maid cafe in the US is pretty crazy; maid cafes go totally against political correctness and any feminist ideas people might have. But there is a light!
    Recently the maid cafe, Royal/T, opened in Culver City, CA. The front page of their web site says, “Royal/T is a playful collision of spaces – cafe/shop/art space – presented in stunning fusion. An eclectic mix of retail and contemporary art re-imagined in the surrounds of of LA’s first Japanese-style cosplay cafe.” Sounds pretty exciting, right? When I ventured to the store on April 13, the day after Royal/T’s grand opening, we thought it would be exciting too. A small group of gothic and sweet lolitas along with a few friends and I went to the store around 12 PM, two hours after the store/cafe/whatever it is was supposed to open only to be greeted with locked doors. Through the windows we could all see a full art gallery (featuring art by many international artists including Takashi Murakami, Ghada Amer among many others), a small cafe, and a small store. the inside of the building looked quite nice, but not a single one of us got to see the whole thing from our position on the sidewalk outside the door. After 30 minutes of waiting for the store to open, and calling numbers listed on the store’s website to see if they’d said something about opening late, we all decided to leave- but not before taking a few pictures. So, Royal/T, thank you for helping a few lolitas, cosplayers (your core customer base) and photographers waste their time. I can only hope that next time you decide to open late you leave a message of some sort on your voice mail, or even a post-it note on the door. PS- All the pictures can be found here.

    ~ Asian School Boy

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