Anime Cons All the Cons Asian School Boy attends.

Jan 26

Anime Los Angeles - Van Nuys Last time ala will be having it at the Airtel Plaza Hotel Right next to the Van Nuys Airpor, this little con has a cool little pond inbetween the hotel to have all your photo taken needs met. This con is small enough to relax and socialize in but at the same time gets some cool pics if needed. This will be the first con of the year and the last con in CA for a while, since Fanime doesn't start till 5 months later : (

May 25

Fanime Con - San Jose I guess in prepping for AX, Fanime got to be one of my busiest cons yet. I took about 2000 pics at this last con and took about 3 weeks of post-production in order to put all the photos online, then again I am a lazy : P This con which is held at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center has the Marriott across from it and the Hilton connects to the convention center. I love going around the city to get some great landscape shots along with the cosplayers, but watch out cause there are a lot of ghetto places just around the corner of the city. Oh yeah, also watch out for all the "hella's" being tossed around when talking to all the Nor CA people : P

Jun 29

Anime Expo The biggest con of the year, this can pretty much the Super Bowl of cosplaying ^_^ Usually held on 4th of July weekend, but this year they're having it a bit early cause the 4th lies on a wed. The first con I went to which I was overwhelmed by the culture shock of cosplaying. AX has a special little place in my heart : P I've loved the Anahiem Convention Center...why must they move it to Long Beach!!!

Jul 20

Otakon - Baltimore, Maryland One of the only east coast cons I go to. Baltimore is such a great place, but the first day was a sweat drenching hell, cause of the humid heat. If your thinking of doing photoshoots outside the fountain area, I suggest going around sunset, when its not as moist. Other than that, these kids really know how to party it up. I had tons of fun over there last year, and thus why I'm going again. I kinda wish that it didn't have to be in July since Comic Con is on the next week.

Jul 26

Comic Con - San Diego This cons isn't so much about the cosplay as much as the comic book/movie forums. I've taken pics at comic con in the past but never posted them since a lot of them just consisted of figurine photos. If you decide to cosplay at comic con watch out cause there are a lot more fanboys here. So don't be surprised to see a few extra stalkers on your myspace accounts after this con : P

Other Con As soon as I know the dates for other cons I'll post them here.