Phootshoot Scheduling

  • Pricing
  • 20 dollars for one person for a half an hour of shooting. The best pics will be posted on this site and the large format jpgs will be sent to your email w/out a water mark. For other questions regarding group pricing, it will discussed upon scheduling.

  • When?
  • If you want to schedule a photoshoot, please email me at: . A week or 2 before a con would be a good time to make contact, just so we can discuss ideas on how we want the photoshoot to go. If it's at con, theres no harm in asking but then again, I might say no cause of plans already made or shooting another photoshoot.

  • How do I prep?
  • The best thing to do, is to think of some poses that your character usually does. I haven't seen as many animes as some ^_^ but if I know in advance what characters I'm shooting, I can study it up. Also wear a good foundation or some kind of make-up is prefered, especially in the summertime when the heat will cause a lot of sweating. A shiny forehead does not come out great in photos.